I really Should Not Shout

I don,t know the last time that I shouted, I am not that sort of person-I am too reserved. But today I did,because I had too. They were taking photo,s and it really annoyed me. Let me explain….

I was cycling home after taking my camera in to be fixed(!!??**can you believe that) along one of the Boulevards, I forget which one, when I heard this bang. A moto had been hit by a big 4×4 and I looked up just in time to see the bike spinning across the road and two young lads being thrown off it. One landed on the driveway of the petrol station and the other was thrown onto the pavement and bounced into a hedge. I could see that the one in the driveway was fairly OK as he was sat upright and looking around-looking for his mate. The other lad was not OK. His leg was severely cut(cut to the bone) and bleeding badly. He was bleeding elsewhere and bleeding from the mouth. He was in a state of shock..and so was I. People just watched from a distance,they did not want to get involved but I was already there. I could do nothing but make sure that someone had phoned for an ambulance and be with the young lad….After that all I could do was pray. I really do not like the sight of blood so to pray with my eyes closed was a bit of a cop-out,but then I had to meet his eyes-they were lost,desperate Many people were watching by now,some in tears. I felt his chest and he was wheezing -not a good sign.

I have looked at the back of an I-Phone before, when someone has been taking my picture and I have smiled,but I couldn’t smile now. They were getting into the best position to take a picture…of a man dying, as that is what it looked like,maybe that is what it was. I shouted to them to stop taking photo’s and nearly threw my helmet at one of them as I found it so sickening, but you must never loose control(be disciplined)There were at least four people taking photos-I just don’t understand it. I think that I probably surprised myself the most by shouting at them but they did listen and withdrew into the gathering crowd.

The ambulance came and he was taken away. I don’t know if he got the treatment that he needed( it depends on how well you are insured out here) and I don’t know if he lived or not. All I know is that I did all that I could-I prayed and I know that God listened…

I later went to collect my camera. It cost me a lot of money and then I had to buy a new memory card for it. I then got lost on my way home and arrived late for tea. Not one of my best days but then it was a lot better than some others have had……

Last year an average of eight people a day were killed and forty others seriously injured on the roads in Cambodia.The death toll of road accidents has doubled in the last seven years and now claims more lives than malaria,dengue and landmines.