A Good Start To The Year

Well a belated happy new year to all. May 2013 be the best year of your life so far! I was privileged to be asked to a wedding just before Christmas of a couple of clients of ours who had decided to re-commit their wedding vows. When I arrived I was surprised to find out that I was to be one of the stewards and given a place of honour at the front of ceremony. Not only did I get a front seat view of all that was going on but I also got to sit next to the fan! The reception was held in a Philippine restaurant and the newly weds were treated to a nights stay in a local hotel before returning to their jobs the following day.DSCN1974 For the New Year we went to a local “resort” about five miles out of the city. It has a swimming pool and games facilities and there was over 60 of us in total from our Church. We had a wonderful time and were swimming until about 1.30 when we were asked by the management to quieten down as we were keeping the other visitors awake  We had a barbecue in the evening and played games until midnight and were up for an “early” breakfast at 7.30. The rest of the day was spent relaxing by the pool and we eventually got home at 5.00 that evening. It was a good end to a WONDERFUL year and a good start to what will hopefully be another challenging but rewarding year.To walk on water you need to step out of the boat…you then need to take the next step knowing that it is a long way to the shore-there is much to be done out here.DSCN2006

Back at work there is much to be done,as expected. Just before Christmas I helped build a shelter at work for students who will be attending a vocational course on motor maintenance later this month. The shelter itself seems very basic but it is a big help to those in the province(countryside) who want to come and do the course as they now have somewhere to stay,and it is probably what they are used to in their own homes.The course itself teaches the basics of looking after and servicing a moto and will hopefully give students opportunities to start their own business.

DSCN1589 - CopyDSCN1590 - CopyDSCN1596DSCN1613DSCN1667DSCN1671

We went to one of the big indoor markets the other day just to have a look around and were surprised to see how busy it was and the choice of products on sale. There were plenty of chickens on offer but my daughter was not too keen on having chicken for dinner that night after watching them being killed right in front of her….yukDSCN2048I

It has been good to get out and about on my bike during the Christmas period and explore more of Phnom Penh. It is a fascinating city and seems to be so busy all the time that it is hard to think that it only has a population of two million.As I have mentioned before the people seem so content with so little. Most seem to live from one day to the next and certainly seem not to worry about the things in life that bother a lot of us westerners…DSCN2042