A Little Change Can Make A Big Difference

A friend of mine recently held a Coffee morning to raise some funds to help those in need out here in Phnom Penh. The amount raised was just over £50, maybe small change to a lot of us considering the amount of money that passes through our hands each week, month,year….

So, what to do with the money? Well last year Waitrose were generous enough to donate a large sum of money to help those in need here and some of that money was put towards supporting two children who went to a school close to the NGO I worked for at the time. I realised that a little could go a long way out here. So the money available now will go towards supporting another child from the same school.P1060928

Sreymay is 12 years old and has two sisters and one brother. She lives with them and her mother as her father has mental health problems and does not live at home and therefore does not bring any income to the family. Her mother works at the local market selling vegetables and her older sister gave up school to get a job as they needed the money and now works in a garment factory. It costs her mother just over $3 a week to send her to school ( although all schooling should be free ) which is about £1.90. With the money available I will buy her a bike which she wants so she doesn’t have to walk to school and give her a little each week to help pay for her schooling. Sreymey enjoys school and would like to go to University one day so she can get a good job and support her family.

Their home is close to that of a relative as they had to move from where they used to live as they could not afford the rent of $10 a month (£6.30). This is where Sreymey, her two sisters, bother, and mother live. Take a bit of time to look at it as I find it hard to comprehend that this is how people live. After living and working here for 18 months it is still a shock and a challenge to accept such things…..But the money given will REALLY make a difference and is greatly appreciated. P1060915P1060908          P1060906P1060912P1060911

The bike can also be used by her mother who gets up at 3.am each morning to go to the market and buy the best vegetables available. When I asked if she worked every day she gave me a wry smile and said of course, how could she afford not to? So the money that has been donated will go a long way to making a big difference to one family.