An Evening with Friends

Well tonight we have been out with some friends to celebrate the Birthday of someone else who is working as a missionary here and is from the Isle of Wight. I know of three families who are working in Phnom Penh and are either from or have relatives on the Island. It is strange who gets drawn to this city-Avram Grant was seen here a few months ago(former Chelsea manager).!?*

Coming home tonight in a Tuk Tuk noticed many people collecting rubbish as they do with their little trucks that they use to collect it all in. One even had a lamp on her head to aid her. This isn’t a nine-to -five city, people work because they need to survive and if that means collecting rubbish throughout the night then that is what they do-it is their life, they have no choice. If they do not work they get no money. If they have no money they have nothing to buy their food with and nothing to pay their rent with…It is as simple as that. But I am so amazed at how content they are. It is not that they even SEEM to be content-they just are. To collect eighty empty cans will get them $1. Sometimes the mothers take their children with them. Sometimes the boys are only in their early teens, or younger even. Sometimes they will go weeks without a day off because they cannot afford to. It is their life, they have no choice.

I will never cease to be amazed at how the rich and poor live together side by side in this amazing city. You will find beautiful large expensive houses within a stone’s throw of some slum areas, and everything in-between, in-between. Amongst the thousands of motos you will find many big expensive cars, usually Lexus or Toyotas but people seem to live in harmony with one another, there seems to be no animosity at all