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One Blog…….One Year On

I have been writing this blog for one year now and have been amazed by the response that it has had. I decided to do it really just to inform people back home ( mostly on the Isle of Wight ) of what life is like here in Phnom Penh and in Cambodia. Nothing could […]

Happy Sundays

Q: So how do you get 70 Cambodians into 6 tuk tuks and a car….? A: Ask them if they want to go to church. That is what happened last Sunday when the church was privileged to be joined by these 70 or so inhabitants from one of the many slums here in Phnom Penh.. […]

Giving Rice, Shelter And Making Friends

So the village was flooded and help was needed. Well not so much help as basic needs – food and shelter. People did not have food to eat and many certainly didn’t have sufficient shelter….Can you believe that people do not have enough food to eat in this country and in this day and age […]

Giving Hope, Opportunity And A Future……

…all this for just £56. That is how much it can take to change someone’s life and again it is due to the generosity of one person back home who has given money to help those who are desperately poor here in Cambodia. This money will pay for Poen’s education for two years in a […]

Had A Bad Day ?

…yes we all get them. But at the moment there are a few hundred people who live in one of the slums in the south of Phnom Penh who are having a lot of them due to the flooding in their “village”. It still continues to rain and there is no government aid, help or […]

Weathering The Storm

£5.50 can make a tremendous amount of difference to peoples lives. As you can see from the pictures this house needs a bit of maintenance.   It maybe does not look too bad but the holes let the water in when it rains, and the water goes straight on to the bed that is right next […]


This weekend is one of the most important in recent years for the people, and the future ,of Cambodia. After the election in July the official results are due to be announced on Sunday after the original results were contested by the opposition party. The election was rigged-there is no doubt about that- and a […]

Buster Gets His Uniform

When Buster started school last week they did not have a uniform to fit him. So it was with great pleasure that his mother told me on Wednesday that they now had a suitable size available for him. With his new schoolbag I think he is probably the keenest student in Cambodia and is ready […]

Buster Goes To School

When I went home in June of this year I was given some money by some people/organisations to put to good use for those in need in Cambodia…of which there are many. Some of the money has specific requests and other monies donated don’t. It has and is an absolute pleasure to be able to […]