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Tragedy and Harmony A lot can happen in one day.Unfortunately I was reminded of this just yesterday when I was told that the brother-in-law of one of our workers had committed suicide and that a new life was starting for two people who were getting married along our street. The young man was found drowned in a […]

The Global Leadership Summit

Thursday and Friday of this week were spent attending the first Global Leadership Summit to be held in Cambodia.This event has been running for ten years now and has been expanding year by year.It is now held in 326 cities in 90 different countries and next year will hopefully be in over 100 countries. The […]

Working Week

We have been in Cambodia nearly four months now. It was emphasised that the first three months would be spent learning the language and acclimatising to the new culture(and heat !) and after that we would slowly get involved in the work of our NGO. Already I have been going into work at least once […]

I Should Phone From Phnom Penh

The Royal Palace Today I phoned home for the first time since coming out here-about 15 weeks ago. I never realised that it was so cheap. Must give you all a ring sometime as it costs about £1 for 1 hour….. 🙂

I really Should Not Shout

I don,t know the last time that I shouted, I am not that sort of person-I am too reserved. But today I did,because I had too. They were taking photo,s and it really annoyed me. Let me explain…. I was cycling home after taking my camera in to be fixed(!!??**can you believe that) along one of the Boulevards, […]

An Evening with Friends

Well tonight we have been out with some friends to celebrate the Birthday of someone else who is working as a missionary here and is from the Isle of Wight. I know of three families who are working in Phnom Penh and are either from or have relatives on the Island. It is strange who […]


This blog is to show what life is like in some of the desperate areas in Cambodia and how ordinary people are able to make a difference and give others Hope….