Buster Goes To School

When I went home in June of this year I was given some money by some people/organisations to put to good use for those in need in Cambodia…of which there are many. Some of the money has specific requests and other monies donated don’t.P1010634

It has and is an absolute pleasure to be able to put this money to good use and it will take time before it is all spent. The first lot of money that was used has been put towards sending a young lad to school and was donated by the Kidszone of Castlehold Baptist Church. All schooling in Cambodia should be free but for even the poorest there can be fees and payments involved.

Buster is nine years old and has never been to school. He lives opposite to my house.

Home for Buster and his family Busters house..

P1010642His parents make a living by making concrete tiles,pipes and bases etc. They will start work at maybe 5.30 in the morning, sometimes earlier and will wok until maybe 6.00 in the evening or even later.P1010645The work is physical and hard, but they are tough ,yet gentle people. To mix the cement they do not have a mixer but do it all by hand. One big pile of sand,two bags of cement and six buckets of water from the pond nearby-I have watched and counted. Even in the cooler part of the day the temperature is in the 30’s,yet in speaking to them (through a translator) they never moan or begrudge the life they have.They are very content and happy people.



This morning we went to the school to get him registered and to have a look around. He was able to start that afternoon.

P1010636   P1010627  P1010618  P1010617

Buster will go to school five afternoons a week. As he has never been to school before not only can he not read or write,he can barley hold a pen. Hopefully this can be the beginning of a new life for him and the chance to make new friends.P1010625  P1010630P1010632  P1010623

To send Buster to a State school would have cost a lot less but the classes can hold up to 50 children and the standard of education is not as good. At his school there are no more than twenty in a class. The whole cost of a years schooling including books,pens and uniform ,at what is one of the better schools in Phnom Penh is about £150. Thank you again for your donation Kidszone and for giving one young lad a better chance in life. Oh, his name is not really Buster but Nou. Buster just sort of suits him..P1010650