Education is both empowering and life changing

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Check out the ways you can help us get 1000 children into school by 2020

It starts with someone like You

Someone who wants to help

There are so many ways you can Help Out.

And every penny raised, every email, every poster, every Facebook like gets us closer to our goal of 1000 children sponsored by 2020.

1000 lives changed. 1000 children saved from exploitation, prostitution and, in many cases, death.

1000 Futures. Safer. Better. More Secure.

It starts with someone like You.

Start It Today.

Helping Out is easy… and Fun!

• Promote this website via email to friends and family

• Download our fundraising pack and raise money the fun way.

• Put us into your church magazine or website.

• Put up a poster in your workplace, social club or community centre.

• Are you in a band? Why not support us at your next gig? Put some posters up near the stage or mention us during the show.

• Get in touch with your local school. It would be great if Cambodian children in their school knew they were being supported by British children over here.

• The easiest of all – Friend us on Facebook!

1000 Futures – Let’s Make It Happen