Our History

"The future is very exciting for us and our children"

Helping Hand Cambodia is growing fast. We became a registered charity in January of 2017 and are registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with The Cambodian Ministry of Interior since June 2017.

Chanthy Chen started working part time for us in October of 2015 when we were helping just a few children, now we have in excess of 30 children being sponsored and Chanthy is now working full time since October 2018.

It soon became apparent that the children that we sponsor were losing out in their education after their school lessons at Beltei International School had finished. Living in the slums they do not have access to the internet or have laptops or IPads to help them study.

A lot of their parents are illiterate and therefore unable to help them with their homework. In September of 2018 we moved into our new building right next to the main slum in which we work.

By renting our building right next to the main slum in which we work we are now able to offer the support that they need to progress. We have three classrooms, computers, two part time staff, a dancing teacher as well as Chanthy Chen to oversee and organise everything along with teaching the children herself.

We hold Khmer dancing lessons and Bible study for the children as well as having regular meetings with the parents and others from the slum.

All the lessons that we hold merely supplement what our children are learning at Beltei International School. We look to support them not confuse them.

We work hand in hand with Beltei International School and are encouraged and grateful for their support and co-operation of what we are doing; giving these children an opportunity to fulfill their potential and move on in life and out of the slums.

The future is very exciting for us and our children……!!

Would you like to be a part of this? It’s easy:

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For just £35 a month you can give a child an education. For this they get:

• All School Fees Paid

• Two School Uniforms

• An invaluable education in English and Computing

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Sponsoring isn’t the only way to help. You can make a donation too. Whatever you can give – it will all help to make a child’s life better.

You can see from the stories above that Helping Hand Cambodia is changing lives. Thanks to people like you. People who care. And you can be sure every penny of Your gift goes to the child’s education – nowhere else.

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