Phnom Penh 2014

So here are just a few random pictures of life in Phnom Penh. This city never ceases to intrigue me….how can so many with so little be so happy ?P1070818

I do stand in awe sometimes of those who have been born or sold into the mess in which they live. They never seem to complain but just mention that they do not have enough money to feed their children, or pay the rent…..

P1070821  P1070815  P1070814

To be with them can be a life changing experience and you can go as deep as you want with their struggles. I don’t think anyone could walk away from them and not be affected by the way they have to live.

P1070804   P1070819

P1070847So take in the pictures and get a feel for those who have little or nothing……they certainly didn’t choose this life.

P1070850   P1070839P1070805