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We want to help change the lives of children living in the slums of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Collective sponsoring also works i.e. a workplace group, a Church, a House Group, a sports team or just a group of friends. It splits the cost and enables more people to get involved and support a child. Please read our exciting stories….




Some years ago (I don’t know how many) Duncan came to our coffee morning and spoke about his time working with families in the slums of Phnom Penh. He told us of his vision to set up a charity to provide good schooling for children from these families in order to break the cycle of poverty in which they live. We felt as a group we could support this work and committed to sponsor a young girl called Srey Mey through her schooling.

We have maintained the regular support and have, on occasions, been able to provide additional needs. When asked recently if there was anything she, personally, needed she just asked for rice for her family! Duncan has kept us informed of her progress at school and home and we feel privileged to have given such a caring young lady an opportunity to fulfil her potential.



I have been involved with Staveley C of E Primary School since I secured a position there in 2003.

As a sponsor of a Cambodian child myself I suggested the school might like to consider sponsoring a child through the registered charity “Helping Hand Cambodia.” It helps children to understand the wider world outside their own area.

Below are some photos of Chan Srey Roth the little girl Staveley School now sponsor. The photos have been made into a poster, which is now on a glass door in the school so that visitors can see the involvement of the school in the life of this young girl.

The school’s council were involved in a face timing session, between them in class three and Chan Srey Roth and her family in their one room in Phnom Penh. The children asked lots of questions and talked directly to Chan Srey Roth and her family members.

The Staveley children were very aware of the differences between the two places and specifically how much they had, compared to a family in Phnom Penh, living in one room!

Each class in the school has a jar and the children put some of their pocket money each week towards the sponsorship of Chan Srey Roth. They have also held a toy sale and used the proceeds of the sale for Chan Srey Roth’s education.

I think the sponsoring of children to receive an education in Phnom Penh through Helping Hand is very beneficial for schools to engage in. The whole process is an education. Children really learn about the plight of others, when they see for themselves!

It is also a two way process and I would recommend sponsoring a child with Helping Hand to other schools.


I first visited the slums in 2017 and the place touched my heart. I saw the passion in the student’s eyes who were fortunate enough to go to the International school and how proud they were of their work. I was surprised when they showed me their books that they were completing the same work as my daughters in Australia.


I also saw the desire in the eyes of the friends of these students who also dreamed of the same opportunity. This is the part that tugged at my heart. How could I go home and not give at least one child the opportunity to change their life and give them a chance to get themselves and their family out of extreme poverty. I just had to think of something.

After I came home and spoke to a group of friends, I knew it was possible to change a life. My friends could see my passion and felt that it was achievable to sponsor 1 child if we all donated a small amount once a year. Sea Leng was our sponsor child and she was the perfect match for us. We live in a coastal town by the sea so her name has a connection to us.

She was a similar age to many of our children and she wanted to be a teacher, which I was studying at uni to become. I also thought that if Sea Leng wanted to become a teacher she would be able to pass on her knowledge and inspire others. I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Sea Leng and her family the following year. They were so appreciative of us sponsoring their daughter. It has been fantastic to watch through photos Sea Leng gain confidence and we are very proud of how hard she is working at school to change her life.

How Do I sponsor a child?

Simply download our Sponsor’s Guide which contains a sponsorship form. Fill it out and send it to us.

What happens then?

We will contact you once your sponsorship has been allocated to a child and give you the details.

What do I get?

A photo of the child will be sent to you along with a background to their and their families lives. You will also receive 6 monthly reports of how the are doing at school.

How long does it last?

Ideally we would like to sponsors to commit to three years. This gives the child a chance to get a good education in English and computer skills.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. You will not be obliged to make any contact with the child nor have your identity made known to them.

What does the child get?

For your £35 a month the child will receive:

• All School Fees Paid

• An invaluable education in English and Computing

• A Helping Hand into their future

And you can be sure every penny of Your gift goes to the child’s education – nowhere else.

Download the sponsorship form now

Someone like you made a difference to Srey Pheourn

Here she is reading her ‘Thank You’ letter to her sponsor

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