Sunny Smiley Sundays

Towards the end of last year the rains came down here in Cambodia. Many areas were flooded including a lot of the slums in Phnom Penh. Still keeping in touch with one of the slums I used to work with I was able to distribute food and shelter, with the help of some friends, to some of those most affected. The money used for this was donated by a benefactor from the Isle of Wight.

Maybe not your traditional church

Maybe not your traditional church

One of those who helped felt called to start an outreach here so every Sunday afternoon he will go into the slum with some Khmer friends to translate for him and tell the villagers about The Gospel. He has rented a house that is also used as a home for a young couple and is used for English classes of which nearly 100 now attend the two classes that are given most days.

P1060760  P1060784

There were about 70 people present last Sunday and maybe nearly thirty children……..not bad for a new church.

Sunday School for the small ones......

It is good to remember that it was the awful flooding that first brought him here and from that terrible situation ( more than 165 people lost their lives to the flooding last year ) he is now able to help tell others that their is real Hope in this world.








happy !!

happy !!

Good sound advice....

Good advice….

It is quite ironic that it is the walls that surround this house that were being used as a “whiteboard” for the English lessons that are now being given to the pupils inside this building……

.....this is progress

…..this is progress

Happy Sundays

Q: So how do you get 70 Cambodians into 6 tuk tuks and a car….? A: Ask them if they want to go to church. That is what happened last Sunday when the church was privileged to be joined by these 70 or so inhabitants from one of the many slums here in Phnom Penh..

Only one tuk tuk but more to follow

Only one tuk tuk but more to follow

P1050140P1050147           ..and it was fun.Not sure how many would want to come the first tuk tuk arrived by itself and was full  in just 3 seconds. It left with 17 passengers…. Another 5 tuk tuks were ordered and the Pastor brought his car as well.

Breakfast before they go into church..!!

Breakfast before they go into church..!!

P1050153As a church we moved into a new, bigger building about a month ago and it was good to see it filling up so soon afterwards.P1050167

Om the way to Sunday School

On the way to Sunday School

The Sunday School was a lot busier than usual and I think organised chaos reigned, but the children had a lot of fun.P1050183 These people probably need a church in their own village but in the meantime it is a lot of fun having them with us on a Sunday morning and some of us continue the fellowship with them in the afternoon…..

Toothbrush and toothpaste donated and given out by a good friend out here Toothbrush and toothpaste donated by a good friend out here.

Homeward bound  Homeward bound

..don't drop the baby..!  Don’t drop the baby….!

Delivery service..and one around the corner. Taxi Tuk Tuk service…and one more around the corner !



Changing Lives

This Sunday we had our Church service at one of the International schools here in Phnom Penh instead of at our usual church. The reason for this was that 16 people were getting baptised and we used their swimming pool to baptise them in.


There were about 70 present for the service and it started a little later than planned as it took longer to travel from one side of the city to the other through the as ever manic traffic. Most of those baptised were teenagers although the oldest candidate was 63 and it was a pleasure to be involved with the service.

What probably made this so special was that seven of the girls who were baptised had been involved in sex trafficking and had been “rescued ” by an NGO that works with those who are trying escape from their forced trade. Two were as young as 15 and one was just 13…..

IMGP1637  IMGP1634                                                                  IMGP1626    IMGP1627