Giving Hope, Opportunity And A Future……

…all this for just £56. That is how much it can take to change someone’s life and again it is due to the generosity of one person back home who has given money to help those who are desperately poor here in Cambodia.P1030983

This money will pay for Poen’s education for two years in a state school. Her family are incredibly poor due to no fault of their own. She is 18 years old. They do not live in good conditions but  Poen and her mother work extremely hard to get by…that is all that they do, they survive one week till the next. They are good, honest and hardworking people, like most in this world….. but have been given a bum deal. They shut up and get on with it. They do not moan or get angry. They are very gentle and humble…and teach me a lot about tolerance and acceptance.

Poen has not been able to go to school for the last year as her family have not been able to afford it. Instead she has been looking for work to earn a bit of money to help herself and her family.With the money donated Poen can get a good education and go on to better herself in life…just as we all have the opportunity to do in most of the Western World.

There are thousands like her here in Cambodia who just need a little help and support to be given a chance of Hope, Opportunity and A Future….