The Global Leadership Summit

ImageThursday and Friday of this week were spent attending the first Global Leadership Summit to be held in Cambodia.This event has been running for ten years now and has been expanding year by year.It is now held in 326 cities in 90 different countries and next year will hopefully be in over 100 countries. The purpose of this conference is to gather together  the Church leaders and other Christian leaders within Cambodia and to help them in their leadership of their respective organisations by listening to talks given by such people as Bill Hybels ,John Ortberg, and others. As well as this there were group discussions and times of sharing.

There was about 370 in attendance mostly from Phnom Penh and for a first conference it went very well and was very well organised.Some points that were highlighted were: Fear of failure, Change begins with me, What is my motive to doing what I am doing?, What fills you and what drains you? and, If the solution starts with the leader then the problem starts with the leader.

It was also good to meet with other people and find out about their Churches or organisations and what problems they are addressing-the list is endless..As well as getting to know others working in Cambodia and to get a better understanding of the issues here were were given some startling information on problems that are not only an issue in Cambodia but throughout the world-over 6 million children under the age of five will die this year through starvation.This really makes you think “what can I do to help?” We all have so much to give and so much to offer( if I can come 7,500 miles to help others in Cambodia I know that many others,more qualified can do so much more. As can those who think that they have no qualifications and nothing to offer…).

This conference was certainly a blessing and I hope