Meet the Helping Hand Trustees

Becci Bell

“…make their dreams become their reality”

I am Becci Bell, married to Duncan and we have five adult children and two grandsons. Before having children I was a nurse, but I changed careers to fit in more with family life and I have been an administrator/book-keeper now for 18 years and am a fully qualified accountant.
I lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with Duncan and our two youngest children and loved the gentle Khmer (Cambodian) people and the country. While living there my biggest achievement was to learn the language and I loved nothing more than to chat with the locals and learn more about the lives they lead.
I have a passion for helping to give the children living in poverty in one of the poorest countries in the world an opportunity to have a future where they they can dream big and make their dreams become their reality.

Duncan Bell

“Every child should have a right to education.”

My name is Duncan Bell and I have worked in Retail Management for most of my working life, being manager of the largest Garden Center on the Isle of Wight and eventually ending up working as part of the management team at Waitrose, also on the Isle of Wight. For two years between 2012 and 2014 my wife and I lived and worked in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (taking our two youngest children with us) working for two different NGO’s as missionaries. This opened my eyes to the many needs in Cambodia and I had a desire to help in some way when I returned to England.
I am slowly giving up the day job and concentrating more on running Helping Hand as I have seen, and know, the difference it makes to give a child a good education.
I believe that every child should have a right to education and Helping Hand has been established to offer the chance to those who are able and willing to support those who do not have the opportunity to help themselves.
In my spare time I like to cycle, and run regularly. I relax by reading as often as I can and ring the Church bells in my local Church on a Sunday morning! I have 5 children and two grandchildren.

Catherine Burden

“…to give them inspiration and hope for the future”

I am Catherine, mother of two and grandmother to three boys who bring me much blessing. I have been a teacher for much of my professional life, and have felt led to use my passion for children’s access to learning to empower them in the communities where they live.
Through my connection with Helping Hand I feel it is a great privilege and responsibility to support children who otherwise would have no opportunity to leave their slums in Phnom Penh and the daily struggle to survive.
I believe that education should not be a luxury, but a right, and I am committed to supporting the children of the slums in Phnom Penh to thrive as they discover the joy of learning and use their achievements to unlock doors to their future, to give them inspiration and hope for the future.

Fabiola Santiago Coker

“I am aware how difficult it is for the Cambodian children to study whilst fighting every day for survival”

I am Fabiola, a Brazilian woman who has been resident in the United Kingdom for the past ten years. I am married to Jeremy and a mother of three bright children who are incredible and so much fun to be around! As a Regional CEO of one of the biggest third sector organisations in Brazil I’ve experienced first-hand how Education can change the social landscaping of generations of poverty in a country.
In fifteen years working in Human Resources I experienced the impact education has in the development of life experiences and professional skills and consequently in access to work opportunities to better one’s quality of life, hence my passion for the incredible work Helping Hand Cambodia are doing.
I’ve been greatly inspired by the overcoming stories of the Cambodian children, which touched me so deeply and has motivated me to pursue a new career path training as a psychologist. I am aware how difficult it is for the Cambodian children to study whilst fighting every day for survival in a dissonant environment, and I’m excited to become a trustee for Helping Hand Cambodia and have the opportunity to contribute to the amazing work of supporting children living in poverty in Phnom Penh in one of the poorest countries in the world.
I am a firm believer that God created every child with a purpose and a future and with His direction and through His grace I’m committed to support the Helping Hand initiatives to equip and champion Cambodian children helping them to access and achieve a good education and have life experiences that will unveil their purpose and will open up for them a bright future.