Weathering The Storm

£5.50 can make a tremendous amount of difference to peoples lives. As you can see from the pictures this house needs a bit of maintenance.P1030251  P1030253P1030252

It maybe does not look too bad but the holes let the water in when it rains, and the water goes straight on to the bed that is right next to the wall. With this slum house not having too much space there is nowhere to move the bed that the three occupants all use together.P1030258  P1030257

So using some of the money that has been given anonymously I felt that this was a good use of just over a fiver.In the space of just a few minutes the house was water tight and the occupants happy. Five minutes after leaving it started to rain so the tarpaulin was soon put to use. I just hope that they don’t do what others do who have been given this material to protect their homes…and that is sell it…….Don’t worry I will keep my eye on it.P1030261